3x10 HSPUs

3 x 10 Knees to Elbows

W.O.D.(CrossFit Football)

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps of:

Ring Dips
Seated Partner Med Ball Sit Up Throws - 20 lbs/14lbs
20 yard Farmer's Walk - As Heavy As Possible

*For med ball throws, get into a sit up position about 6-8 feet from your partner. Start with your back flat on the ground and the ball overhead. Sit up while flinging med ball to your partner, catch and repeat.

*Complete one 20 yard Farmer's Walk at the end of every round.

Post times and loads used to comments.

101021 Turk/L-Sit/Squat/Bench/Power Clean


Turkish Get-ups  3 x 2 (1 min rest)
L-sit  3 x 30secs (1 min rest)


10,000 pounds

The goal is to lift 10,000 lbs, as fast as possible, but only using one rep at a time, of the following lifts.

1 Squat
1 Bench
1 Power Clean

*You can use any weight on the lifts and it can be done in any amount of rounds. 
*The goal is to lift 10,000 lbs.
*You can only do one rep at a time and must cycle through all three lifts to complete one round.

Post times, loads used and rounds to comments.

101020 Amazing Grace "Barbells for Boobs"

W.O.D.(CrossFit Football)

Amazing Grace


30 Reps Ground to Overhead - 135 lbs

Post times to comments.

Barbells for Boobs - "One boob is one too many to lose"

101019 Deadlift/Pull/Snatch/Jump

Strength(CrossFit Football)

Deadlift find your 5 RM
Strict Pull Ups 3 x max reps

W.O.D(CrossFit Football)

Complete 5 rounds for time:

5 Power Snatches 155 lbs/105lbs
10 Box Jumps 24"/18" box

Post times to comments.

101018 Squat/Press/Run

Strength(CrossFit Football)

Front Squat 5x5 @ 90% of 5 RM
Press 5x1 @ 90%


Time Trial: 1 Mile Run or Row, or

Saturdays W.O.D.

Post results to comments

*Thanks to Tara Krause for the picture!

101016 FML

W.O.D (CrossFit Calgary)

For time:
30 Thrusters 95lb/65lb
10 Rounds of Cindy
30 Thrusters 95lb/65lb

Post results to comments

101015 Power Clean & Bench Press/Sprint

Strength(CrossFit Football)

Power Clean 3, 3 ,3 ,3, 3 80%

W.O.D.(CrossFit Football)

Complete 5 rounds:

Max Rep Bench Press - Body Weight
Sprint 1/2 Gasser

Post loads and reps completed to comments.

101014 Press & Squat/Dip


CrossfitOKC: Fight Gone Bad 5 from Ed Nguyen on Vimeo.


Strength(CrossFit Football)

Press 2x5 @ 75%, 3x3 @ 85%

W.O.D.(CrossFit Football)

Complete 10 rounds for time:

3 Squats @ 65% of 1 RM
6 Ring Dips

Post times and loads to comments.

101013 Rest Day or.........

Make up a missed W.O.D. or.......


For time: 21, 18, 15, 12 ,9, 6, 3 of

Kettlebell Swings 2 pood/1 pood
Knees to Elbows
Double Unders

*Knee to Elbows Sub= Sit-ups

Post times to comments.

101012 Deadlift/Pull-up & Power Snatch/Burpee

Strength(CrossFit Football)

Deadlift 5x3 80%
Strict Pull Ups 3 x max reps

W.O.D.(CrossFit Football)

On the Minute:

Perform 2 Power Snatches & 4 burpees for 12 minutes.

Go as heavy as possible on power snatches.

Post loads used and total rounds completed to comments.

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