Moe Studniarz


I tried Crossfit in 2007 but due to a challenging work schedule and just not finding the right box, I quit about a month after trying.  I tried crossfit again in 2013 after I moved back to DC.  At the time I was more involved in bootcamp style workouts but then moved to an area where the only early morning classes that worked with my schedule were Crossfit classes.  I quickly fell in love with the constantly varied workouts and the comradery of the gym, where I met new friends and was encouraged by the coaches and other members.  I love the challenge of the workouts, that the variance of workouts made me set goals and work towards them and in Crossfit, your hard work pays off.  I feel better, physically and mentally.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer

Favorite Movement(s): Snatches and Double Unders

Favorite Workout/Type of Workout: Anything with Snatches and Double unders and decreasing numbers after each set