Anatomy of (Our) Whiteboard

New to the gym? Or maybe you've been here a while but don't know all of the thought that goes into our whiteboard?
Andrew Nicholas
August 2, 2023
Anatomy of (Our) Whiteboard

We like to do things a little differently! Here is what we are thinking and how you can maximize your hour.


The general warm up is designed to get you moving and get class started. We have a couple of specific protocols that we use (Banded 7's for the shoulders and Hip Halos for the lower body) to kick things off depending on the specifics of the workout. From there it will usually be 2 to 3 sets of a faster paced set of movements to get the blood pumping. These 10 minutes are so critical to helping ensure you are prepared for the workout.

  1. Don't worry about adding weights to bars or upgrading your dumbbells and kettlebells, that only slows class down. Let's just power through the GWU focussing on form and technique.
  2. When you are done with the GWU, you can start working on your own individual stretches. We will move into some specific drills and coaching once it looks like everyone is done.


Now we are going to start adding complexity and making the final push towards the workout of the day. This will generally be a layering approach with easier skills building towards higher ones. For example, kip swings to knee raises, to toes to space, to toes to bar. We can give very broad cues and work with people participating in class across all skill levels. We will do the same thing with weightlifting and cardio movements incorporating group sessions, drills, and building exercises. We will finally do a short version of the workout utilizing the same movements and weights you plan to use when we say 'GO!'

  1. Don't skip this! This is the coach's chance to evaluate what you want to do is best for the day and your chance to make sure if feels like a good idea.
  2. We will usually call for a bathroom break after the SWU and call out things you might forget heading into the workout (whiteboards, etc.).


We will always explain what the workout is and how you can succeed in it! Workouts could be for time, as many rounds/reps as possible (AMRAP), for weight, and sometimes, they're just for completion credit.

  1. Make sure you are listening. The coach is trying to communicate tips for everyone here. If you aren't done getting set up, we won't start without you. There are still a few more minutes.
  2. Pay attention to the stimulus!


We write the stimulus in red because it's that important! We know you probably aren't trying to reach the CrossFit Games, but the stimulus will give you some guidance on how to scale so you get the most out of the workout. Trying to do too many reps or too much weight can lead to injury and lack of results in your fitness.

  1. Fun Fact! The Rx or prescribed versions of the workouts are written with the gym fire-breathers in mind. We expect them to do the workout completely as written AND reach the stimulus.
  2. We don't care if you Rx or not, your life will not change in any drastic way for doing so. Come in to have fun and challenge yourself daily but you can do that in ways other than Rx.
  3. When in doubt... Ask! The whole point of having a staffed class is to have someone there to help.


These are just recommendations. You have more options than Rx, Intermediate, and Beginner, but we ran out of whiteboard. Remember, CrossFit is "infinitely scalable" so you can pick and choose things to modify in order to hit the stimulus and actually enjoy your workout!

  1. Intermediate will USUALLY offer percentage based scaling for weights as well as volume (number of reps and distances) in the ballpark of 20-30%. Just enough to put you over the top and in the stimulus zone!
  2. Beginner will usually avoid the more complex movements or ones that might significantly slow someone down who is new to this style of working out.


I hope this helps! As always, remember we are here to help you succeed and make it the best hour of your day.

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