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Our KIDS program is meant for ages 5-9 and our goal is for your child to have FUN! Most children in this age group still move really well and we try to preserve that movement with exhilarating workouts and games that have them using their bodies. The focus of each class is on how well your child moves, not how much or how fast. Every class is loaded with age-appropriate excitement coupled with learning the basic functional movements. Some parents refer to us as "The World's Best Gym Class". Check us out to see why!

Our PRE-TEENS program is meant for ages 9-12 and our goal is to start to integrate more CrossFit concepts while still having fun. This age group typically is starting to become really involved in sports and we will make sure they are getting a good strength and conditioning base for that. Concepts of weightlifting and gymnastics are more advanced than the younger age group but still age-appropriate. When we start the clock on their workout, it will be fast paced and the most fun they will have all day.

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Located less than a mile east of I-35 in the heart of Moore. In between Old Town and Moore High School.

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. CrossFit Exile is located and easily accessible from all of Moore, Oklahoma.

220 W Main St, Moore, OK 73160
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