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Our TEENS CrossFit program is designed for those roughly ages 12-18. This will be the best program for your child's strength and conditioning development. Whether that be for sports or just to stay in shape, we have you covered. We know that kids in this age group can get stronger, faster, better and recover quicker than an adult could and we will take advantage of that. Advanced CrossFit concepts and movements will be taught to your child so they can maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their life. Of course, all things are scalable to your child's starting point and we still make time for fun.

In this age group we are frequently asked if the child can attend the full, adult schedule. In order to graduate to that, they must be at least 16 years old AND have a way to transport themselves to the gym. No, they cannot be dropped off. No, they cannot workout with an adult. Your child has a specific window of opportunity that the Teens certified coaches can really take advantage of to help them become stronger, faster and more athletic. Their classes are frequently more difficult than their adult counterparts.

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