Andrew Nicholas

Andrew Nicholas

Owner, CrossFit Level 3 Trainer

I am the most average CrossFitter on this planet. I can do all of the movements but my goal is to be able to workout the next day. I will scale and modify workouts to make sure that happens.


CrossFit Level 3 Trainer, Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer, CrossFit Weightlifting Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Kids Trainer, CrossFit Running Certificate, ATA Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, Aerobic Capacity Coach, Glenn Pendlay Weightlifting Certificate

About Coach

I was always a coach, I just didn't know it. I played competitive golf from an early age and in college. I always expected perfection and would be very hard on myself. I never stopped trying to learn more about the swing, course management and the technologies driving the sport. To my teammates, that meant I could serve as a "swing doctor" when they needed help or that I could take the younger kids under my wing and to the next level. It took a while but I finally figured out my true passion was in helping others reach their full potential.

Turning Point

The turning point in my life is when I joined CrossFit Exile in 2013. There was more information to learn and no ceiling for anyone who wanted it. It didn't take long for my passion of coaching to turn into a part time coaching position and the chance to purchase the gym followed shortly after that. I had made so many friends in a short amount of time and wanted to keep the community together and keep helping people get better.

Motivation & Passion

I love to help people who are looking for answers. Too often they start at gyms with no guidance and no community. They have doctors who can only say "no" or "don't do that". I believe that we are made to move and I get the most enjoyment out of saying "yes" and watching someone get that first whatever.

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