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CrossFit Exile opened in 2009 with three goals:

  1. Build an awesome COMMUNITY of friends who happen to workout together a few times a week.
  2. Gain, Possess and Share KNOWLEDGE with everyone who enters our gym.
  3. To provide first-class SERVICE. Service to our customers, community and in any way that we can.

Since opening we have been the premier group fitness facility in Moore, but we bring so much more to the table. We also offer personal training, nutrition coaching from Certified Precision Nutrition Coaches, beginner bootcamps, and private group classes.

Located less than a mile from I-35 right near downtown Moore, come in for a visit and let us help you find your fitness.


We move. It’s that simple. We have very few stationary machines. You will become the machine. By practicing functional movements, the body will learn how to move better, move again, or even for the first time. The goal is for every day to be filled with activities that require you to run, jump, squat, throw, climb, and all of the other countless things the body was made to do.

Workouts are comprised of elements of cardio, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, weight lifting, and anything in the world of fitness that might make someone stronger, faster, etc. There is no limit on what to expect and no two days will ever be identical. Don’t be intimidated by things you see on TV or the internet. You may not be able to do it yet, but we can help you get there.


You’re not going at it alone. You’ll be in a group setting with experienced, professional coaches guiding you all the way from the warm-up through the workout. You’ll be